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Hi, my name is Mark Forsyth and I'm the proprietor of The IT Guy San Diego. As a long time San Diego resident, I have been working in the computer industry for over 30 years. During that span, I have maintained servers, PCs, Macs, network devices and wireless gear. I have done installations and user training, running the gamut from the simple home computer office to the corporate boardroom. With a degree in Business Administration, Finance, and a Certificate in Inventory Management and Production Control (APICS), I have helped numerous people over the years with all kinds of business and manufacturing software and hardware needs.

Whatever your computer related issue is, I've probably seen it before!

What kinds of businesses need The IT Guy San Diego? Any small-to-medium enterprise that cannot justify a full-time IT staffer needs the IT GUY San Diego solution.


  • A K-8 school with both PCs and Macs, where I designed and continue to maintain their technology infrastructure top to bottom; including filtered Internet access, custom software and a wireless network spanning multiple buildings. The children are protected from undesirable web sites.
  • An animal hospital where the doctors can monitor sick animals on their laptops from outside the office via remote video cameras.
  • A non-profit enterprise where internet access is mandatory for serving their patrons but recreational web access is not appropriate in that environment.
  • A community group such as a Chamber of Commerce, where you have limited funds but need a server and several workstations to serve your constituents.
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    If you have a business in the San Diego area and do not have your own in-house IT employee(s), consider The IT Guy San Diego as your IT staff. Feel free to call any time with a question.

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